"Blue series"

In the so called "Blue Series" standard works regarding public and urban transport in Germany are published under supervision of the Association of German Transport Companies - VDV, Cologne. For some of this works STUVA conducted the overall elaboration and editorial work.

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Light Rail Systems

This book deals with a number of key elements of the transport system that is light rail, namely the basic principles underpinning the system, the technology used, its operation and its financing. It provides an insight into the current legal framework in Europe and in Germany. All of the aspects that must be borne in mind when manufacturing modern light rail vehicles and fully renovating old vehicles are presented. The book also describes how demands for reliable energy supply may be met and how stops and tracks should be designed to take account of passenger comfort, environmental protection and urban planning concerns. The latest developments in customer-oriented telematics, depots and workshops, staff deployment and incident management are detailed too. By way of conclusion, the book examines economic issues (LCCs) and highlights the risks and
opportunities presented by the altered legal situation. Finally, it describes the impact
on future subsidies and puts forward some suggestions regarding financing.


Responsible Editor: Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen, Editor: STUVA, Format 21,0 x 25 cm, 992 Pages, Hardcover, many graphs and figures, universal coloured, full texts and tables in German and English language, ISBN 978-3-87154-500-9. Published September 2014. Stock price: € 149,–.

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Barrier-Free Public Transport in Germany

The broad structure of the second, fully reworked edition of this book covers the very latest measures for achieving freedom from barriers in all domains of public transport – from vehicles and infrastructure to information and service. Furthermore, it takes account of the current legal bases at national and European level and the most recent technical regulations. It also explains the prerequisites for receiving subsidies, many of which have changed under the current legislation, summarises the practical experiences acquired over the past few years and, taking these experiences as a basis, issues recommendations for further development. Drawing on extensive examples taken both from research and day-to-day practice, the book provides numerous ideas and solutions for making public transport barrier-free in new projects and projects to renovate existing facilities and vehicles, with a view to enabling public transport to guarantee mobility for all.


2nd, fully reworked ed.. Format 20.5 x 22 cm, 636 pages, 132 tables, 172 illustrations, 305 photos, all texts and charts in German and English. ISBN 3-87094-656-3. Published September 2012

Stock price: € 97.00

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Sustainable Public Transport in Germany

This book provides the first-ever comprehensive overview of environmental and climate protection measures in the ­domain of public transport. It covers planning, building and vehicles as well as the operation of tracks, stops, buildings and technical facilities. Drawing on extensive practical examples, it provides ideas for implementing environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient measures when under­taking new construction projects, upgrading existing ­facilities, conducting research or teaching.


2 Vol. Format 20,5 x 22 cm, 870 Pages, many graphs and figures, universal coloured, full texts and tables in German and English language
ISBN 3-87094-674-1. Published in September 2010

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Local and regional railway tracks in Germany

This book presents the first ever overview of the various tracks used for local transport (tramways, light rail systems, metros, urban railways and regional railways).

The many suggestions in this book can serve as building blocks for any new project, for upgrades of existing facilities an in a research and teaching context.


Contents (abstract):

Basics: importance, legal and technical bases, financing

Components: definitions, load assumption, substructure, rails, switches, drainage

Construction: definitions, track designs, e. g. open/covered track, green track

Noise and vibration emissions: general rules, technical solutions, tests

Construction and environmental protection: contruction machinery and equipment, contaminated sites, protection of vegetation, air quality management

Safety: health and safety aspects, division of responsibilities

Track maintenance/renewal: terms, methods, proceeding, processes and equipment

Economics: LCC in a track-laying context, quality management, RAMS analysis


The book was sponsored by the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Tramways, Underground and Railway Systems (BG Bahnen), the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS), the German Traffic Safety Council Inc. (DVR), the Liability Insurance Association for the Building Industry (BG BAU), the Association of German Transport Undertakings (VDV) and the VDV Promotional Group.


Format 20.5 x 22 cm, 672 Pages, 280 graphics, 164 figures and 159 tables, universal coloured, full texts and tables in German and English language. ISBN 3-87094-674-1. Published in May 2007.

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Fire protection in vehicles and tunnels for public transport

This unique work deals with the entire range of fire prevention and firefighting measures in facilities and vehicles of public transport. The numerous suggestions found in this book provide the building blocks for every new project as well as for improving already existing facilities.


The contents include:

1. The fundamentals of fire protection

2. Provisions on fire protection in German and international regulations

3. Preventive fire protection in public transport vehicles

4. Preventive fire protection in public transport vehicles

5. Installations and operational measures for preventive fire protection

6. Organisational fire protection measures

7. Fire brigade equipment, extinguishing materials, deployment strategies

8. Self-rescue from stations



Format 20.5 x 22 cm, 504 pages, numerous full-colour illustrations, full texts and tables in German and English language. ISBN 3-87094-664-4. Published in May 2005.

Stock price: € 58.00



Barrier-Free Public Transport in Germany

To mark the occasion of the "European Year of People with Disabilities" (2003) the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (BMVBS) in collaboration with the German Association of Transport Undertakings (VDV) chose to present the current status of barrier-free public transport in Germany to a broad public.

This book is the result of research commissioned by the BMVBS, which was concluded in less than a year. It deals with, among other things, the legal stipulations of the Law for the Equality of People with Disabilities (BGG). Because of its timeliness, the chapter "Legal frameworks, technical standards and recommendations" was published in advance in November 2002.

With the present volume of its successful Blue Series, the German Association of Transport Undertakings (VDV) treats the subject of people with disabilities in public and urban transport in an unprecedentedly comprehensive form.

This book provides an excellent basis for the further development of barrier-free public transport in Germany for contractors, traffic planners, organisations for the disabled and transport undertakings.


Format 20.5 x 22 cm, 444 pages, 332 illustrations, charts and tables, all texts and charts in German and English. ISBN 3-87094-656-3. Published in April 2003.

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Telematics in Public Transport in Germany

The aim of telematics in public transport in Germany is to improve quality. Shorter travelling times, ready access to specific information, high reliability, safety and easy payment are some of the advantages which passengers appreciate and which make public transport a more attractive option.
Early on rail transport companies and municipal public transport recognised the opportunities telematics had to offer for raising both the attractiveness and the efficiency of their services and thus began to develop comprehensive information and control systems.
The present study gives an impressive overview of the wide range of telematics-driven solutions available for public transport today. At the same time it discusses the enormous potential of telematics still to be developed.


Format 20.5 x 22 cm, 588 pages, 238 illustrations, mostly in colour, all texts in German and English language. ISBN 3-87094-648-2. Published in October 2001.

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Light Rail in Germany

In recent years light rail has seen a significant development and become more and more popular not only in Germany but also throughout the world.
In comparison to other rail systems, light rail offers solutions that are both technically sound and economical, and which are flexible enough to be adapted to the requirements of contractors and operators.
All this has led to a multiplicity of individually designed solutions, especially for light rail vehicles. To become more economical in response to increasing pressure to save money on public spending, it has become essential to find standardised solutions suitable for different means of public transport.
The present book succeeds in treating these important developments, which are the results of more than thirty years of progress in various areas of light rail in Germany and provide the basis for the high technical standards of today.   
This book is the first comprehensive overview of the topic light rail. The interaction between separate components, the development of their interdependencies and the resulting optimisation deserve special attention.


Format 20.5 x 22 cm, 492 pages, 464 illustrations, mostly in colour, all texts and charts in German and English language. ISBN 3-87094-645-8. Published in May 2000.

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Sustainable Mobility

 People in Motion - Public Transport in Germany

In order to ensure sustainable mobility, the 370 member companies of the Association of German Transport Undertakings (VDV) actively involved in public and urban transport in the form of rail, underground, trolley bus, tram, bus and special rail systems are constantly striving to improve their passenger services. Approximately 8.5 billion passengers use public transport every year, about 23 million every day. This constitutes almost 90% of public and urban transport on rail and the streets of Germany.
This bilingual publication was designed especially for the guests from all over the world attending the 52nd UITP Convention in Stuttgart.
It includes current developments in every branch of commuter and urban transport in Germany.
At the same time it honours the request of the EU commission to present the best practices in public transport to a wider audience.
The examples given reveal the high level of commitment of German transport to making consistent use of innovations both to meet the needs of passengers for a continuously improved range of services and configure the range in a more economical manner.
On the one hand, these innovations make public transport more attractive by means of

  • more convenient commuter systems
  • increasingly comfortable vehicles
  • faster and more punctual operation.

On the other, according to the aim of sustainable mobility, they offer more environmentally friendly public transport through, for example, 

  • lower specific energy demand
  • reduced emission
  • less noise emission.

These and other attractive improvements will enable the Association of German Transport Undertakings (VDV) to sustain the work which they have been carrying out successfully over the past 10 years by winning new customers.

Increased use of public means of transport, which is both sensible and necessary because it is economical and environmentally friendly, will be possible particularly if these companies’ commitment continues to find sufficient financial support.


Format 20.5 x 22 cm, 268 pages, 340 illustrations, mostly in colour, all texts and charts in German and English language. ISBN 3-87094-746-2. Published in May 1997.

Stock price: €28.70


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