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Digitization in tunnel construction: 1st regular FYEP workshop at the University of Bochum

On April 13, 2018, around one hundred young engineers met for the first workshop of the "Forum for Young Engineering Professionals" (FYEP), which was founded at the 2017 STUVA conference. The aim of the FYEP is to network young engineers, to promote the exchange of knowledge between research and practice and to create an international representation.

At the Ruhr-University Bochum, Alena Conrads conducted an intensive lecture program on behalf of FYEP on the subject of "digitization in tunneling". The focus was on Building Information Modeling (BIM), which was presented to the young workshop participants by just as young representatives from science and practice, assessed from practical experience and critically scrutinized.

Markus Scheffer, employed on Chair of Engineering Informatics in Construction at the Ruhr-University Bochum, was the first speaker to emphasize that Building Information Modeling is much more than the 3D representation of a building to solve practical tasks. Rather, the management of the building information should be adapted to the project in order to optimize the process flow.
BIM is already being used in pilot projects. One of these projects is the Fehmarnsund crossing, where a bored tunnel is considered as an option. Inken Picht, from ZPP Ingenieure AG, talked about the advantages and disadvantages of BIM from the point of view of planning, with the result that a new approach to project management between the contractor and the client must first be tested, especially in the contract structure. Furthermore, the limits of the software for 3D modeling of infrastructure projects have become clear at the Fehmarnsund crossing.
Tim Lorenz and Lars Bantie from Deutsche Bahn AG reported from the client's point of view on the "Challenges in implementing BIM in tunneling using the Albvorland tunnel as an example". Their conclusion is that in addition to the integration of BIM in the main tender, the client must define more requirements and communicate them in order to achieve the project's success.
The last speaker was Florian P. Rauth from Marti GmbH Germany. His presentation was about the "use of photogrammetry to capture the actual break-out geometry in conventional tunneling".
Following the series of lectures, the participants took guided tours of various laboratories and met to have dinner together. On this occasion the lectures were discussed until late in the evening, experiences and knowledge exchanged and new contacts established.
Prof. Dr. Thewes, chair holder of the institute for tunneling, pipeline construction and building operations at the Ruhr University in Bochum and chairman of the DAUB, enjoyed the high number of extremely motivated young engineers. He is convinced, that the enthusiasm for the new networking platform FYEP, which can be felt everywhere at the workshop, now has to be consolidated by giving the forum a solid structure. The STUVA, which is the patron of the organization, offers an ideal platform for this.

An appointment for the next FYEP workshop is not yet fixed, but all participants agreed, that it must and will continue soon. The STUVA will point out the next event in good time on its homepage. 

By the way: support is welcome at any time! If you want to help FYEP and its young engineers, you can, for example, do so by providing space for the next meeting.

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