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Workshop Injections in civil engineering 2.0

"Glück auf!" was the motto on the morning of the first day of the event in the Recklinghausen training mine at the workshop "Planning, execution and monitoring of grouting in civil engineering 2.0", which was organised jointly by STUVA and WEBAC. Interested parties from all areas of construction came together for the two-day workshop in an extraordinary atmosphere, including numerous representatives of authorities, construction planners, specialist planners and employees of contractors. The interesting programme of presentations was followed together and procedures for successful injections were developed. Urgent questions and problems could also be clarified directly with experts in the plenary session.

For two days, the workshop focussed on the great opportunities that modern injection technology offers for civil engineering in particular. No special prior knowledge was expected of the participants, as the aim of the event was to provide a generally understandable insight into the current state of development in this rapidly evolving industry. The range of topics was correspondingly broad: Injection materials and equipment, the planning of injection measures in the design, approval and execution phases were just as much a part of the programme as aspects of monitoring and quality assurance.

Practical demonstrations following the presentations provided variety and the opportunity for intensive dialogue. Divided into two groups, WEBAC-Chemie GmbH presented exciting demonstrations of different injections such as acrylate gels or hybrid polyurethane resin/cement mortar mixtures. The successful combination of theory and practice was very well received by the participants. At the end of the first day, active miners offered a hands-on experience of underground mining. The exclusive guided tour delighted all participants. Above all, the extraordinary location of the Recklinghausen mine will certainly remain a lasting memory for all participants.

At the evening event in the VEST Arena, the participants were given a warm welcome by the Deputy Mayor of Recklinghausen. In a relaxed atmosphere, the topics of the day were discussed in greater depth and the professional network was expanded. 

The extraordinary atmosphere of the Recklinghausen training mine was a perfect match for the seminar's theme
The practical exercises and demonstrations allowed participants to immediately consolidate their newly acquired knowledge.
There was a great atmosphere in the VestArena on the evening of the first day of the event.
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