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PIARC International Conference on Road Tunnel Operation and Safety

Following the success of the 1st PIARC International Conference on Tunnels held in Lyon, France, in October 2018, PIARC and the Spanish National Committee (ATC) will jointly organize the 2nd International Conference on Tunnels and the VIII National Symposium on Tunnels in October 2022 in Granada, Spain.

The challenges derived from Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience of Infrastructures, as well as the Technological Transformation of Road Transport will entail a redefinition of the standards for the design and management of roads and, of course, of road tunnels.



Call for papers by 10 October 2021

Experts interested in presenting on the topics listed below should send an abstract of the text to the Conference Secretariat by 10 October 2021 (see link opposite). The official languages will be English, French and Spanish. Abstracts may be submitted in any of these languages.


Focus on resilient infrastructures

This 2nd International Conference, simultaneously with the VIII National Tunnel Symposium, will allow to expose the state of the art of all these novel topics and create a forum for the exchange of ideas that will allow us to continue investigating and modelling the tunnels in the coming years. Faced with the new challenges of climate change, a sustainable economy and within the framework of Covid 19, it makes sense to speak of resilient infrastructures, a concept also applicable to tunnels. In this way, tunnels must present high availability rates with an acceptable level of safety even under circumstances that involve significant alterations to normal operation, establishing measures to reduce impacts. This will also imply the redefinition of the design and management standards and integrate the concept of resilience into the life cycle.

On the other hand, the road transport sector is experiencing a technological revolution with the challenges of digital transformation. Phenomena such as the autonomous vehicle, shared vehicles, digital mobility platforms, electrification, and the new energies for propulsion of vehicles are realities on which we must already work due to their direct relationship in the way of management and operation of tunnels.

The ITS systems and their continuous development also have a lot to say about all these issues. Other important issues are the management of large urban tunnels, as well as, in general, the ventilation and lighting of the tunnels and their constant progress.


Key topics of the conference

  • Resilience in road tunnels​
  • Management of urban and high traffic road tunnels
  • ITS systems and their contribution to improved operations
  • New vehicle propulsion energies and their impact on tunnels
  • Risk Analysis
  • Ventilation and Lighting
  • Emergency management
  • Adaptation to the regulations



PIARC, formerly known as the World Road Association, was established in 1909 as a non-profit organization. PIARC’s vision is to be the world leader in the exchange of knowledge on roads and road transport policy and practices within the context of integrated, sustainable transport.