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Recommendation for Gasket Frames in Segmental Tunnel Linings

Developed by the STUVA working group on 'Gasket Frames in Segmental Tunnel Linings'. The Recommendations have been published as Volume 54 in the series "Research + Practice, Underground Transportation and Underground Construction".

The STUVA recommendations “Testing and Application of gasket frames in segmental Linings” and “Use of Gaskets for sealing segmental Linings”, published in 2005 and 2006, have been used successfully for more than ten years by owners, manufacturers, designers and contractors as well as esting institutes. These recommendations help to select the economically and technically optimal gasket profile based on comparable testing results for the individual application case. Recommendations are also provided for the production and installation of gasket frames in order to achieve high quality sealing of segmental linings. In the present 2nd edition, both the former recommendations are combined in the new „Recommendations for Gasket Frames in Segmental Tunnel Linings“. Taking into account the experience gained in recent years, the recommendations are extended and adapted to the current state of the technology so that the new recommendations can also serve as a standard for all parties in coming years. With the publication of this revised 2nd edition, the two recommendations mentioned above are withdrawn.

40 pages, 13 illustrations and 5 tables, 2019, brosch., ISBN 978-3-433-9819842-2-4, Price € 11.00 (VAT included, plus shipping).

A printed edition is available from the STUVA. For any orders, please use our contact form. A digital edition is available free of charge (see link below).

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