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Approaches to Increase Availability of Underground Public Transport Systems in Crisis Situations –Resilience

Prepared by a collective of authors as part of the U-THREAT research project, Volume 55 in the series “Forschung + Praxis, U-Verkehr und unterirdisches Bauen” was published in May 2021 in German.

Various threats and events can lead to major impacts on underground transport. Some possible scenarios are bomb threats, floods, fires and rampages. For this reason, it is necessary to further increase the resilience – i.e. the resistance to damaging impacts – of underground public transport systems.

Within the framework of the U-THREAT project, concepts and technical solutions were developed to enable rapid continuation in a restricted mode after an incident and then to return to normal operation. All relevant areas were considered:

  • Operation
  • Structures
  • Users

With adapted vulnerability and life cycle cost analyses, two tools are also presented that can be used to identify the potentially most (cost-)effective measures.

54 pages, 18 fig., 2 tab., 2021, softcover, ISBN 978-3-9819842-3-1, price € 20,00 (incl. VAT, plus shipping)

A printed edition is available from the STUVA. For any orders, please use our contact form. A digital edition is available free of charge (see link below).

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