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Underground safety

Fire protection concepts for tunnels and subway stations

Modern tunnels, subway stations and other underground structures are indispensable components of a powerful infrastructure. In order to ensure that their use is not only comfortable but also as safe as possible, it is necessary to combine individual measures of preventive fire protection for each building in such a way that it does not come to a fire at all and in the case of cases the fire fighting and safe escape routes are always available. Individual holistic fire protection concepts must therefore be developed for this type of construction

The STUVA has expert knowledge and decades of experience in the field of fire protection for underground traffic systems. At the same time, aspects of building and personal protection according to state-of-the-art technology are always considered in a generalised context. This means, for example, that the requirements for an open architectural design are taken into account. Special customer requests such as fire protection glazing and water mist systems can also be integrated into our concepts.

Did you know...

that the topic areas of tunnelling and building technology are regularly represented as core topics at the STUVA conference? With 3,500 trade visitors from over 30 nations, the "family meeting of the tunnel industry" is one of the world's leading industry meetings for underground infrastructure.


What can we do for you?

We are your competent partner for:

  • Creation of holistic fire protection concepts for underground structures such as tunnels, underground stations and caverns
  • Numerical simulations (CFD) to determine the time-dependent propagation of smoke, temperature and toxic gases
  • Numerical evacuation simulations based on continuous individual models and analytical calculations according to various accepted procedures (NFPA etc.)
  • Planning, advising and carrying out of fire and smoke tests for the constructional acceptance of buildings
  • In-situ evacuation tests with persons
  • Independent testing of security concepts
  • National and international Research
  • Creating of expert opinions
  • Conducting seminars and workshops

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Projects in the field of Fire Safety & Security