2. Light rail trunk line Munich

Fire protection concepts and security concepts for Munich's new traffic artery

The construction of the 2nd main line is the centerpiece of the Munich railway hub and is intended to increase the transport capacity of the S-Bahn (light rail) between the Laim and Leuchtenbergring stations and improve punctuality throughout the Munich light rail network.

Since the preliminary design in 2004, STUVAtec has consistently taken over the fire protection consulting for the demanding project.
In addition to the safety concepts for the four tunnel sections of planning approval sections 1 to 3new, STUVAtec is also developing the fire protection concepts for the three new underground stations to be constructed at the main station, Marienhof and Ostbahnhof as well as for the two above-ground Laim and Leuchtenbergring stops.

A special challenge for preventive fire protection is the extreme low-lying position of the 2nd main line. In order to enable people to escape safely even in the event of a fire, strict criteria must be applied to the building materials used, the smoke-free environment and the rescue teams' operational concepts. Based on computer-aided field models (KOBRA-3D), the STUVA therefore calculates the smoke filling of the stops and escape routes in case of emergency and checks the duration of the escape in case of emergency with further simulations (ASERI).

Fire Safety & Security
Source: Deutsche Bahn AG
Obermeyer Planen und Beraten; DB Netz AG
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since 2004
Munich, Germany
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