HUGO Passage

Sprinkler rehabilitation of a pedestrian passage without full closure

The HUGO Passage with its numerous sales outlets is level -1 of the Neumarkt underground station in the center of Cologne, and is used by tens of thousands of people every day. In the level -2 the platform level of the light rail is positioned and connected via staircases and elevators to the passage level. With several staircases to the road surface, a direct underground access to the Neumarkt-Galerie and the platform level, the HUGO Passage is an extremely complex facility.

After a routine check it became obvious, that the pipe system for the dry sprinkler system in the ceiling area no longer met the requirements for further operation due to reduced wall thicknesses. So, it was necessary to renew all faulty pipe sections and all sprinkler heads.In order to avoid a complete blockage of the important passage, STUVAtec was tasked with planning and demarcating the 15 planned temporary construction site areas in six different stages of construction from the public areas, that neither the traffic of the light rail nor the shops outside the currently separated temporary Construction site area are affected
The individual construction phases and construction site areas were optimized by STUVAtec in such a way that the renovation could be carried out without incident and above all without full closure. Building walls made of non-combustible materials and a permanently present fire watch have maintained the safety in the passage at all times of construction, so that not only around 325 meters main lines and about 400 sprinkler heads could be replaced, but also all lighting equipment and technical systems could be renewed within the designated time frame.

Fire Safety & Security
Period of service
2015 to 2016
Cologne, Germany
  • Consulting
  • Planning

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