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Fire protection statement on asset protection with bus parking

The KVB buses are currently being gradually converted from diesel to electric power. Outside rush hours, the buses are parked at the existing North depot, among other locations. On the right bank of the Rhine, the new East depot is planned. Fire protection concepts are available for both depots, which deal with the carports (North depot) and the loading traverses of construction section 1 (East depot). Both fire protection concepts strictly comply with the requirements of the NRW state building regulations and the associated special building regulations. With regard to the hazards arising from the fire of an electric bus, only the pollutants potentially carried away with the extinguishing water are discussed in order to clarify the treatment of the extinguishing water.

On behalf of the KVB, STUVAtec has investigated which structural, technical and/or organisational measures are possible and sensible in order to limit the extent of a bus fire and thus increase property protection. The most important result of the analysis is the now required subdivision of the entire parking area into several fire compartments so that the number of buses affected in the event of a fire is limited.

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Source: KVB AG/Christoph Seelbach
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