The Fehmarn Sound crossing

Creation of a fire protection concept

The company Rücker + Schindele has been commissioned with the planning of the operating and technical rooms in the two operating buildings for the major Fehmarnsund crossing project and is receiving fire protection support from STUVAtec. STUVAtec's task is to draw up fire protection concepts (BSK) for the operational technology rooms to be planned in the tunnel. The fire protection concepts cover the points of preventive fire protection (structural, system-related and organisational) and, if necessary, the facilities for defensive fire protection. The BSK is then coordinated with the responsible fire brigade and the general planner and his fire protection concept creator. In addition, STUVAtec is to provide fire protection comments for the safety documentation required for the tunnel. Furthermore, the interfaces between these rooms and the overall building are to be analysed from a fire protection perspective.

The overall fire protection concept is being developed by the general planner.

The existing Fehmarn Sound crossing is a combined railway and road bridge that connects the island of Fehmarn with the Schleswig-Holstein mainland. Load tests showed that the existing bridge would no longer be able to cope with future traffic loads once the Fehmarnbelt tunnel was completed. A solution was therefore sought as to how a crossing of the Fehmarn Sound could be designed to be efficient for the future.

After extensive investigations and considerations as part of the preliminary planning, the two project sponsors decided in favour of building an immersed tunnel with four lanes for the road and two tracks for the railway as well as retaining the Sund Bridge for slow traffic, pedestrians and cyclists.

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