Security and emergency management in public transport

Research project InReakt shows new ways of privacy-friendly video surveillance

Incidents of violence and property damage at stops and in vehicles can cause passengers to feel uncomfortable or even avoid public transport altogether. This is especially true at night and in times of low frequency. But also transport, service and security service employees of transport companies can be involved in critical situations.

The STUVA has successfully coordinated the InREAKT project over the past three years, developing new technical approaches to increase safety and improve emergency management in public transport. The core idea of ​​InReakt is the IT-supported process of a help reaction chain, which consists of the following elements:
• Recognizing a needy person,

Reporting a safety-critical situation to the control center,
• Communicating reaction forces,
• Intervene at the event location.

The detection takes place in InREAKT for example via an optical sensor system, which can support the effectiveness of video surveillance by preselecting relevant scenes. Using depth-of-field cameras, the system creates abstracted images that do not permit any conclusions as to age, gender, ethnicity, etc. of the person. Since this system also does not store data, it meets high data protection requirements. As a beacon project for intelligent mobility InReakt was awarded the German Mobility Award 2017.

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Transport & Environment
Public transport Karlsruhe
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
INIT, Infocom Gmbh, Fraunhofer IPK, University of Heidelberg, Public transport Karlsruhe (VBK)
Period of service
2013 to 2016
  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Consulting
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