DomRömer - the "new" old town in Frankfurt

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Between the cathedral and Römer, the "new" Frankfurt Old Town has been under construction since the beginning of 2012. Completely destroyed by the bombardments during the Second World War, today's DomRömer site was a fallow area for many years, until the Technical City Hall was built in the seventies with its exposed concrete façade, which was unpopular with the people of Frankfurt. Now everything is supposed to be at least as beautiful as it was before the destruction of the old town.
The major project is to revive the cityscape of Frankfurt before the Second World War. Following the demolition of the Technical City Hall in 2012, all 35 houses are to be completed as early as October 2018. DAmong them are 15 reconstructions and 20 new buildings. The central square of the new district is the Hühnermarkt (chicken market), which is reconstructed on three sides.
The STUVA has taken over the sealing technology consulting for the entire project. Major challenges here are the numerous connections of new existing waterproofing and the necessary protection of the underground tunnels from damage.

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