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Awarded: Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Krüger receives Rudolf Martin Certificate of Honor

On 19 March 2024, the DIN/VDI Acoustics, Noise Abatement and Vibration Control Standards Committee (NALS) awarded its long-standing member Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Krüger the prestigious Rudolf Martin Certificate of Honour for special services to standardisation work. The award commemorates the founding chairman of the NALS, Prof Rudolf Martin. The award ceremony took place during the 50th annual conference of the German Society for Acoustics in Hanover.

Dr Friedrich Krüger has dedicated his entire professional life to researching and combating health-threatening noise emissions. In particular, oscillations and vibrations caused by rail vehicles are his absolute speciality. As a working group leader, he was involved in the development of numerous DIN and ISO standards for decades and played a key role in shaping the current regulations on noise protection, including the VDI guideline on the spectral prediction method for ground vibrations caused by rail-bound systems on slopes. On behalf of the VDV, he co-authored and updated VDV Guideline 154 "Noise from local public transport rail vehicles (ÖPNV) in accordance with BOStrab" and VDV Guideline 611 "Noise in track curves of rail-bound local public transport - recommendations for action to avoid it". He is also the author of several specialist books and numerous other publications on noise protection. The Federal Railway Authority also appreciates his special knowledge and therefore recognised him as an expert for noise protection and vibrations back in 2005. Dr Krüger has been an established figure at European level for decades. As a member of EU WG 6 - Railway Noise, he helped formulate the basic EU position paper on limit value options and measurement methods for railway noise emissions and played a key role in shaping the directive for the calculation method for noise emission and immission on railway lines.

Friedrich Krüger found his full-time professional home at STUVA back in 1979 and has remained loyal to the organisation to this day. He has been head of the noise and vibration protection department there since 1985 and has researched every conceivable aspect of noise and vibration protection in rail transport and developed suitable damping measures. To this end, he has spent many a night in wind and weather with his extensive range of measuring instruments on lonely railway lines around the world in order to obtain the necessary data for his work; He has worked as a consultant on countless rail projects worldwide, including the metro in Singapore, the Guadalajara Light Rail in Mexico and the high-speed railway and metro in Taiwan. Even though Dr Friedrich Krüger is 80 years old this year, this has not changed his thirst for research. He has only cut back on physically demanding field research for a few years now for health reasons. However, he is still actively involved in the DIN/VDI standardisation committees and is available at the STUVA as a project engineer for all questions relating to noise and vibration protection - because that is his vocation!

All employees of the STUVA are proud and congratulate their sonic expert Dr Friedrich Krüger wholeheartedly on his well-deserved high honour from the NALS! By the way, the newly crowned award winner is happy to pass on his colossal expertise to future generations of engineers, for example in October 2024 at the Technical Academy Esslingen, where he has been introducing interested parties to the complex world of noise and vibration protection as a seminar leader for years (see link below).

Dr Friedrich Krüger was honoured by the DIN/VDI Standards Committee on Acoustics, Noise Reduction and Vibration Technology (NALS) for his decades of work.
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