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Reduction of noise emissions from trams in urban areas

Trams are among the most environmentally friendly means of transport and are the backbone of sustainable mobility in many cities. However, the operation of trams is associated with emissions. Rolling noises, squeaking around curves and drive and unit noises are perceived by people as annoying.

STUVA, together with Ramboll Germany, was commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency to investigate how the expansion of rail-based transport systems can be promoted by reducing noise emissions and, if necessary, how the implementation of measures can be accelerated through their increased acceptance by the public.

The following guiding questions were addressed:

  • Who are the relevant actors for implementing noise-reducing measures?
  • What legal and organisational tools are available to the relevant actors?
  • What noise-reducing measures are available?
  • Which noise-reducing measures make sense in macroeconomic terms and how could incentives be created for their implementation?
  • What form could a monitoring system for noise-reducing measures take?

Answers to these questions and recommendations for action can be found in the final report on the project (FKZ 3717 54 102 0), which is available free of charge via the adjacent link.

Highest effectiveness against rail noise: wetting of the rail from the vehicle
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