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Seminar workshop "Utilisation of tunnel excavation material"

Despite the wintry conditions, numerous building owner representatives came together on 17 January 2024 for a seminar workshop on the topic of "Recycling tunnel excavation material" at STUVA in Cologne. This successful combination of specialist presentations and extensive discussion rounds enabled an informal exchange of experiences and led to some eye-opening moments.

In the first block, "Circular economy and resource efficiency in tunnelling", the basic principles and framework conditions were discussed. Among other things, it dealt with the question of which types of excavated material are actually suitable for which recycling purposes, which fundamental issues need to be addressed by clients and planners at an early stage and which tasks ultimately result from this for the construction companies carrying out the work. The second block in the afternoon was dedicated to the question of how sustainable innovations can find their way into practice. One example that was examined in more detail was the R&D project "TOFFEE - Preparation and activation of clay soils for resource-efficient geopolymer building materials". TOFFEE is researching how phyllosilicates (e.g. kaolinite) can contribute to the strength development of mineral building materials. In particular, their use in annular gap masses for mechanised tunnelling appears to be a promising area of application. Many thanks again to all participants and speakers for their active participation! The next event in the 2nd quarter of 2024 (date to follow) will deal with the topic "CO2-reduced building materials and construction methods for tunnelling". Would you like to attend? Bookings can already be made via the TOFFEE project homepage. Here you will also find further interesting information on objectives, procedures and results.

Even the exceptionally wintry conditions in Cologne could not deter anyone from taking part.
An intense working atmosphere prevailed throughout the day at the STUVA's TOFFEE seminar
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