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Expert reports and tests for the industry

The STUVAtec research association for tunnel and transportation facilities is a 100% subsidiary of STUVA e.V. and was founded in 1996. STUVAtec processes orders from the private sector without any overriding ideological significance. The expertise of STUVA e.V. is fully available to the GmbH for planning and expert opinions.

We are your competent partner for:

  • Tunnelling
  • Sealing of structures
  • Fire protection planning of underground structures
  • Safety of structures
  • Environmental protection and occupational safety
  • Public transport
To be on the safe side: Hot gas tests to check the fire protection equipment in a new underground station before opening


STUVAtec GmbH - A wholly-owned subsidiary of STUVA e. V.

Large-scale test of an original segment of 4th Elbe tube Hamburg at STUVA laboratories

The know-how of STUVA has always been and will always be in demand for expert opinions and expertise. Since the mid-nineties, this demand has increased so significantly that it exceeds the potential of a non-profit organisation like STUVA e. V. That's why STUVAtec GmbH was founded in 1996 with Dr.-Ing. Jörg Schreyer as managing director, who led the GmbH until 2014. Dr.-Ing. Roland Leucker was appointed Deputy Manager in 2007 and sole Managing Director of STUVAtec GmbH in 2014. Since 2008 Roland Leucker is managing director of STUVA e. V. and the GmbH.

All inquiries from the private sector can be processed by STUVAtec GmbH, regardless of whether it concerns services in fire protection or complex sealing issues in civil engineering. STUVA e. V. and STUVAtec GmbH have always been working hand in hand.

Tasks & goals

Strong benefits for an open economy

Over the past two decades, STUVAtec GmbH has provided fire protection consulting for almost all new subway construction projects in Germany and numerous projects abroad. The STUVAtec GmbH is part of the exclusive pool of experts certified by TÜV Nord for DB AG as creator of fire protection concepts. By STUVAtec evacuation calculations are carried out with ASERI as well as smoke calculations with the field model KOBRA-3D.

In addition, STUVAtec GmbH works on numerous research projects. We were responsible for the research project "emergency scenarios for tunnels of rail-bound public transport and their management" as well as "Risk analysis of fire events in rail-bound public transport tunnels" on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport. For DB AG, STUVAtec has co-developed the "DB Design Fires for S-Bahn and Mixed Ride Traffic"

Since 2017 STUVAtec GmbH has been the right contact partner not only for underground fire protection but also in building construction. With the appointment of Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Hahne as a certified expert and specialist planner for preventive fire protection the entire expertise acquired in tunnel and station construction stands at your disposal for every kind of architectural project .

Safety in the underground

Fire protection concepts for tunnels and subway stations

Visualized evacuation simulation with ASERI
Smoke simulation of a burning subway

As proven experts in fire protection, we create individual holistic fire protection concepts for tunnels, subway stations and other underground structures. With our work, we ensure that underground traffic systems are just as safe as other areas of life and that the fire has no chance. Because effective fire protection is achieved primarily by consistent planning and prevention. 

So that it does not even come to the fire, the STUVAtec accompanies underground construction projects from the beginning to the end. Wherever necessary, we ensure the use of refractory materials, smoke curtains and other safety-related facilities. In addition, in close consultation with the local fire service, we develop efficient strategies and rescue concepts tailored to the particular building in case it does burn. As early as during the planning phase, the STUVA analyzes the expected fire development and smoke of the building with the field model computer program KOBRA-3D. To protect people affected by the fire, detailed clearance simulations are carried out with the program ASERI.

We at STUVAtec do not look at aspects of building and personal protection as opposites, but always as a holistic goal. This means, for example, that the requirements for a desired open architectural design are adjusted to the needs of personal protection. Special customer requirements such as fire-resistant glazing and water mist systems can also be incorporated into our concepts.


Your professional future in the STUVAtec GmbH

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