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Shotcrete Conference 2021 postponed to 19 and 20 October 2021

The SHOTCRETE CONFERENCE 2021 in Alpbach in Tyrol, originally planned for 21 and 22 January 2021, has been postponed to 19-20 October 2021 due to the current corona situation. With this decision, ÖBV is reacting in a forward-looking manner and is giving all parties involved the necessary planning security in good time. The event is now being organised by the Austrian Construction Technology Association. The conference is chaired by professors Robert Galler (University of Leoben), Gerald Goger (TU Vienna) and Wolfgang Kusterle (OTH Regensburg).

The shotcrete conference is aimed at experts from tunnel construction, concrete repair and new construction. Lectures on current applications of shotcrete and the latest findings of research and development will report on the following topics:

  • Reports on research programmes in Norway and Austria
  • Steel fibre shotcrete for TBM tunnelling
  • Permanent inner shells (single-shell and on foil sealing)
  • Sprayable sealing
  • Tunnel repair and tunnel brightening
  • Shotcrete delivery and Layer formation
  • Visualisation of imperfections and verification of the accelerator content
  • Ultra-high performance fibre shotcretes for repairs
  • Thermally stressed shotcrete and shotcretes in fire protection
  • The right choice of retarders for wet shotcretes
  • Sulphate- and thaumasite attack
  • Procedure of early hydration of accelerated sprayed concretes of different composition
  • Repair of historical arched arches
  • Nozzle operator training
  • Transferability of test results from test specimens to the tunnel

An accompanying trade exhibition is planned.