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Fire safety assistant training in Cologne

Training seminars for fire safety assistants have been taking place at STUVA in Cologne since January 2024. The next date is March 15, 2024. The seminars are held in a loose series by the company Brandschutz Protect. The compact half-day seminars consist of both a theoretical and a practical part, in which clear demonstrations are carried out. After successful participation in the seminar, you will receive a certificate of attendance recognized by insurance companies and the employers' liability insurance association.

Fire safety assistants play a crucial role in every company when it comes to the safety of employees and the prevention of fires. Their tasks and duties are varied and ensure that action can be taken quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency. The German Social Accident Insurance therefore requires all companies to familiarize a sufficient number of employees with the use of fire extinguishing equipment through expert instruction and practical exercises and to appoint them as fire safety assistants.

The tasks of a fire safety assistant include alerting colleagues and people in the immediate vicinity as well as quickly alerting the fire department in order to gain potentially important time. In an emergency, the fire safety assistant must immediately start fighting incipient fires. In doing so, it is essential to ensure their own safety! In the event of a fire, they must initiate evacuation measures and lead all employees safely out of the building and instruct rescue services on site.

The seminars take place at STUVA in Cologne. A well-equipped conference room is available there for the theoretical part of the training and sufficient space is available on the premises for the practical fire safety exercises. The seminar will be held in German.

The required number of fire safety assistants is determined by the individual risk assessment of each business premises. A proportion of five percent of employees is generally sufficient for normal fire hazards in accordance with ASR A2.2 (e.g. office use). Depending on the type of company, however, a significantly higher training quota for initial firefighting may be appropriate.

For further information, queries and appointments, please use the adjacent link to the homepage of Brandschutz Protect.

Anything but gray theory: the fire safety seminar also includes practicing the correct use of fire extinguishers.
Experience is everything: Seminar leaders Sven Ockenfels and Felix Baum both work full-time for the Cologne professional fire department.