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Noise and vibration protection in rail transport

From 21 to 23 October 2024, the Technical Academy Esslingen(TAE) will be holding a seminar on noise and vibration protection in rail transport. The event, led by Dr Friedrich Krüger from STUVA e. V., will focus on "Measures to reduce noise emissions and immissions" and will take place as a flex seminar both on the TAE premises in Ostfildern and online. The event will be conducted entirely in German.

The seminar deals with the entire complex of the generation, propagation and reduction of vibrations and airborne noise in rail transport. The causes of excitation and the possibilities for reducing emissions and immissions are shown. The measurement, calculation and assessment of immissions are discussed. Effective protective measures are presented for specific tasks. The national and international (EU) legal requirements are described. The relevant standards and directives are discussed. The requirements for acoustic and vibration expert reports are presented. The seminar is aimed at all those involved in immission control issues in public transport companies, DB AG, authorities (environmental departments, supervisory authorities), engineering offices, research institutions, companies in the track industry and maintenance. You can view the comprehensive overall programme on the TAE homepage or download it as a PDF under the adjacent link. The seminars are recognised in accordance with the further education and training regulations of the Baden-Württemberg/NRW Chamber of Engineers.


Chairman: Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Krüger

Dipl.-Ing. Rüdiger Garburg
(Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin)

Dr. Christoph Gramowski
(Schrey & Veit GmbH, Sendlingen)

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Jäcker-Cüppers
(former Federal Environmental Agency Dessau).

Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Krüger

(STUVA e. V., Köln)

Contact person
Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Krüger
+49 221 59795-21
+49 221 59795-14