Fire protection in the Europaviertel Frankfurt

Examination of the fire protection concepts for the station Güterplatz and adjacent track tunnels

Of the many current major projects in Frankfurt, the Europaviertel is the most committed, creating a whole new district here. Since 2008, the approximately 90-acre site of the former marshalling yard Frankfurt am Main has been developed with media, roads, public transport and SPNV.

The already created 60 m wide corridor of the Europaboulevards to the east and west of the Emser bridge will be extended westward under the future Europa Garden and connected to the street "Am Römerhof". That's why VGF and the City of Frankfurt are investing in a 2.7-kilometer new light rail line with four stations. The light rail line follows the 60-meter-wide Europa-Allee with the stations "Güterplatz", "Emser Bridge", "Europagarten" and "Wohnpark", which connect new residential areas and office buildings to the city of Frankfurt.The European garden is tunneled under as green space and central park with a total area of ​​approx. 60,000 m².

The standard cross-section of the tunnel is designed as a frame structure in open design, has three cells and has a total width of about 23.70 m and a height of about 7.10 m.

The traffic lanes of the road traffic are led as single lane with side stripes in the outer cells of the tunnel cross section (clear width in each case approx. 6,50 m). In der mittleren Zelle des Querschnitts verläuft die Stadtbahnlinie auf zwei Gleisen (lichte Breite ca. 7,90 m). In the portal area East and West, the building has operating rooms as well as a western and an eastern lifting structure.

The STUVAtec is commissioned by the project company with the examination of the existing fire protection concepts for the complex station construction and the adjacent line tunnels.

Brandschutz & Sicherheit
source: aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG
SBEV Stadtbahn Europaviertel Projektgesellschaft mbH
since 2014
Frankfurt a.M., Deutschland
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