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STUVA-YEP – Forum for Young Engineering Professionals

STUVA promotion of young talents

Why a young forum?

The entry into a constantly developing and internationally operating industry presents young engineers of all disciplines with great challenges. Particularly during the start of a career, it is often difficult to gain an overview of existing networks, associations and organisations as well as the state of the art. The STUVA-YEP - Forum for Young Engineering Professionals was established to facilitate and support this very entry.

By participating in regular events such as workshops and visits to construction sites, STUVA-YEP offers a platform for networking and the exchange of experience among young engineers on a professional and personal level. The most efficient tool for new developments is the exchange of ideas and views on short ways. It is our goal to jointly shape and help shape German tunnel construction in the coming decades.


Networking young engineers

  • Expansion of the personal network through participation in regular events
  • Increasing the attractiveness of underground mining for students and future career starters
  • Support of career start through improved information exchange

Knowledge Exchange Research | Practice

  • Design of workshops for young engineers of young engineers on current topics
  • Shortening of exchange paths, personal exchange
  • Extension of one's own knowledge horizon
  • Creation of a network between research and practice

International representation

  • Contact with national and international networks
  • Organisation of international meetings of young engineers

Target Audience

Membership is open to all interested young engineers up to the age of 35 who are active in German tunnel construction or an affiliated industry.

Also at the STUVA Conference 2021 in Karlsruhe: STUVA-YEP's own booth is the meeting point for young engineers

Our Team

Ruben Deckers
Daniel Görg
WTM Engineers GmbH
Maren Kaiser
ZPP Ingenieure AG
Chara Kalogeraki
Vössing Ingenieurges. mbH
Robert Lutz
Voessing Engineers
Christian Rhein
Ruhr-University Bochum
Michael Sedlacek
Wayss & Freytag Ing.-bau AG
Marc Steinfeld
Anna Zehlicke
Schüßler-Plan Ing.-ges. mbH

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